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SCALPA Nail Glue 3g

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3g Nail Glue 

  •  Professional Nail Glue Formula : We provide a no-budge, ultra strong formula that survives all daily activities, like hot showers, rigorous chores, and more.

It ensures pro manicure durability and long lasting results. It is the best nail glue in the industry because we have custom handpicked the ingredient list to supply you with the strongest salon quality formula. high performance nail adhesive is top choice for nail professionals and those wanting a reliable nail glue for acrylic and best nail glue for press on nails.

  • long-lasting nail glue is also used by professionals for nail gem application, and for real nail split repair (when your real nail cracks or breaks from acrylics, you can use our glue to repair the nail before applying a new nail on).
  • Our quick drying best nail glue formula lasts anywhere from 14-30 days. 
  • Get ready for the best pro manicure with our salon quality, custom formulated nail glue!
  • Prepping your nail beds is important before applying any type of adhesive. Use a rubbing alcohol wipe to remove all excess oils and dirt before applying nail adhesive and acrylic or press on nails.
  • If you are planning on taking your acrylic or press on nails off within a few days do not use our nail bonder. Our nail adhesive will maintain your nails stay on for between 2-4 weeks.